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6 Week Girls only Power skating Mondays 

with Emily Barden

4 years Nichols College - 2 years Captain - former instructor for Laura Stamm

Mondays, 6:00-6:50pm

Canton Sportsplex

July 15, 22, 29 and Aug 5, 12, 19



Players must be able to skate.  This is not a learn to skate program.  

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Week 1:
Forward movement
-Teaching: 3 principles, V diamond, body angle, knee bend, edge angles, stride push
-Drag touch, then with partner resistance 
-Stride touch
-Drag to stride
-Open ice carrying puck, add stick handle b/w blues
Week 2:
Forward Crossovers & lateral mobility
-Teaching: 2 pushes, counterbalance, where slipping comes from
-Cross overs with partner resistance 
-Lateral - getting by D - explain wing span
-Inside & outside edges
Week 3:
Backwards movement
-Teaching: how F get around D on cross over
-C cuts down ice, 1 cross over to start
-C cut stations with stick on ice
-Circles - 2 pushes 
-Intro to starts & stops 
Week 4:
Transitions & Explosions
-Teaching: weight = 60% outer leg & 40% inside, turning hips quickly
-Tight turns, blue/red & around cones 
-1 leg stops
-B to F, going back to V with stride push 
-Cross over starts, with pause
-Stops & starts, red, blue, down 
Week 5
Puck control
-Forward C cuts, down ice & on circle (add puck) 
-Cutting to the net - add D, not to take puck but for body contact & pressure
-Full speed, in b/w blues tight C cuts 
Week 6:
Overall recap & putting the pieces together 
-Drag touch to stride touch to full speed
-Forward cross overs with puck, Forward C 
-Backwards C cuts recap